We are your collaborators!

We believe less in ‘competitors’ and more in potential collaborators. All businesses have different strengths and weaknesses and we are just as keen to work with similar organisations with the objective to achieve our greater agenda; providing a resource and community focusing on alternative careers for doctors. The power of diversity should not be ignored, so get in touch!

Do you run any events outside Nigeria?

At the moment we have a small operational team that runs and hosts events solely (and with affiliates). Our objective is to find enthusiastic individuals and organisations with similar goal of improving healthcare profession and personnel; thus taking MedicsArena events to entire Africa.

Which organisations do you work with?

Organisations providing services for doctors and/or recruiting doctors – either as medics or particularly interested in their transferrable skills. We are interested in foreign agencies with like passions and interest, entrepreneurs, individuals wiling to diversify into well-being of core and para-medical personnel. We get especially excited about healthcare organisations, so please get in touch!