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Haemorrhoids also known as pile are swollen blood vessels and tissue found inside or around the rectum and anus. They sometimes don’t present with symptoms and often get better on their own after a few days.


Haemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels around the anus. This can result from

-Chronic diarrhea and constipation

-Eating low fiber diet

-Sitting for a long time in the toilet

-Regular heavy lifting


Other factors include:

-Age: The tissues that support the veins become weak as one advances in age.

-Pregnancy: Increased pressure on the pelvic blood vessels results in swelling around the anus.



-Bleeding (bright red colour) after passing a stool.

-itchy anus

-Slimy mucus discharge after passing a stool.

-Soreness and redness around the anus

-Swelling or a lump hanging down outside the anus, which may need to be pushed back.



-Drink plenty of fluids and cut down on caffeine and alcohol intake.

-Increase consumption of fiber foods e.g. vegetables, fruits, beans which help to soften stool.

-Exercise: this helps in weight reduction, prevents constipation and reduces pressure on the veins.

-Avoid sitting for too long in the toilet.

If haemorrhoid doesn’t improve a week of home care, please see a doctor.

To chat with one of our doctors,

To consult with a doctor, click the link below:


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