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An ingrown toenail occurs when the edges or corners of the nail grow into the skin next to the nail and break the skin. It is a common condition and can be painful. It usually affects the big toe,either on one or both sides of the toe.

1. Wearing tight footwears,socks or stockings.
2. Cutting the toenails too short.
3. Toenail injury
4. Poor foot hygiene or excessive sweating.
5. Genetic factors such as people burn with larger toenails.
6. Other factors included underlying medical conditions such as diabetes.

1. Pain on the affected toe
2. Redness and swelling around the toe.
3. The sharp end of the nail will be pressing into the flesh on one or both sides of the nail.
4. The ingrowing toenail may also leak blood and white or yellow pus.
5. Skin folds over the nail.

1.Cut the nails across in a straight line
2. Maintain hygiene and dryness by letting air get to the toes when possible.
3. Choose footwears,socks or stockings that fit properly.
4.If diabetic,take extra care when cutting the nails.
5. Avoid repeated pressure and trauma tot the toenails.

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