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Quality Modern Healthcare Services

1 Mins read
Desol Mobilemed is a medical service platform that focuses on providing quality modern medical healthcare/equipment services for hospitals/clinics, nursing homes, and so on, which can also be accessed from your smart phones by downloading the mobile-app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.desolmed.mobilemed
Our services for hospitals/clinics, nursing homes etc. includes:
1. Point of care test (POCT), such as ECG, Doppler, D.Dimer, INR monitor, Total cholesterol, H. Pylori, Fecal occult blood, also Urinalysis, blood pressure, vital signs are free.
Our testing kits are user friendly and can be handled by doctors and nurses.
2. Laboratory services – We have relationship with standard laboratories where samples can be processed with modern equipment such as Hematology and Chemistry analyzers. Results will be recorded on your own request form and in record time.
Visit www.desolmed.com/mobilemed to access more of our services.
WhatsApp: 09046178791 or 08186899594 for more inquiries
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